Aeroklub Prievidza, s.r.o
Letisková 8
971 03 Prievidza


 1  ICAO code:  LZPE
 2   Type of aerodrome:  Aerodrome for general aviation
 3   Airport identification:  Public airfield, international airfield marked with 2B code
 4   Geographic coordinates of the reference point (WGS84):  48°46´01.964“N / 18°35´18.479“E / 258,61m n.m.
 5   Position of the reference point of the airfield:   the Middle point of the runway
 6 Geographics coordinates (WGS84):  RWY 04R 48°45´46,46“N / 18°34´59,43“E
 RWY 04L 48°45´47,87“N / 18°34´56,91“E
 RWY 22L 48°46´ 09,94“N / 18°35´29,40“E
 RWY 22R 48°46´ 11,23“N / 18°35´26,72“E
 7   Direction and distance of the reference point:   SSW from the Prievidza city
 8   Airport evelation:  260 m (B.p.v.) / 853 ft
 9   Reference values of temperature:  25,8°C