Why Prievidza?


Perfect place to glide

We know what is important

Prievidza airport has over 70 years of rich history in gliding activities, it is an organizer of regular international competitions, camps, and other events. but don’t make that fool you – Long history doesn’t necessarily mean “old”.  Prievidza is one of the most up to date - modern airfields in Europe. Featuring 1000m long brand new asphalt runway with inset lighting system - an advantage for heavier gliders for smooth take-off or safe landing right before the sunset, or you can choose our glider-friendly wide and well-maintained grass runway.


Great location

Prievidza is nestled in a valley, surrounded by hills, with excellent thermal conditions. Once up, we leave it to you. Want to try some mountain gliding? No problem, head north.

Slovakia is known for mountain gliding.

You can try anything from moderate hills to solid mountains. Most of them are surrounded by big fields and small airports, which makes the experience safe and truly enjoyable. Or maybe you are in a mood for more of a flatland experience? South is your direction then. You can enjoy it all within 50 km after taking off from Prievidza.

Oh, you can’t decide? Well, sometimes the weather decides for us and when it gets tricky, it’s a big advantage to have options.


Our season stretches from March through October.
You may say Slovakia is small. True, but thanks to international agreements, we can freely use Czech and Polish airspaces. Thanks to this, we can often fly over 500km FAI triangle tasks.